Belle-V ice cream scoop

Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop

It’s always been surprising to me how poorly-designed most ice cream scoops are. I mean, there’s no shortage of ice cream gizmos: cylindrical, spring-handled, electric, even filled with heat conductive fluid (which is actually quite nice) but none that I’ve seen are as functionally elegant as the Belle-V ice cream scoop.

Over at Kickstarter, Dr. Karl Ulrich has been collecting ice cream scoops for over twenty years. He may have finally crafted the perfect one — the Belle-V ice cream scoop. And consumers seem to agree with him as he may well reach his goal of $5,000, seven or eight times over ($38,318 as of this writing). Not too shabby for around two weeks of funding. His Kickstarter page is packed with far more information than I’m prepared to get into here, so go check it out. The Belle-V will be available soon in a variety of sleek finishes — it’s definitely worth a look if you appreciate thoughtful design (and ice cream).


So… Dr. Ulrich ultimately received a whopping $64,724 of Kickstarter funding. Get the whole scoop (ahem) at the Belle-V website.


In addition to left-handed and right-handed ice cream scoops, Belle-V has added some sleek new products — a set of serving spoons and a bottle opener.