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A baker’s cheat sheet

How many tablespoons are there in a 1/4 pound of butter? How many egg yolks does it take to make a cup? Is a cup of chickpea flour the same as a cup of self-rising flour? These are the just some of the common baking conversions a baker is expected to know every day. Without years of practical experience, a novice could easily run into some pretty frustrating issues. We know we did. that’s exactly why we put together a baker’s cheat sheet for those who need it — to help you skip some of the mistakes we made. And believe us, we’ve made some doozies. Please keep in mind though, that this a reference guide of commonly accepted conversions, preferences that may differ from product instructions or those of another recipe. In those cases, it is probably best to follow their instructions.

Butter Conversions
Vegetable Oil/Shortening Conversions
Sugar Conversions
Egg Volumes
Egg Weights
Flour Conversions
Baking Powder/Baking Soda Conversions

Butter (Volume/Weight)

1/8 stick1 tablespoon1/2 ounce14 grams
1/4 stick1/8 cup2 tablespoons1 ounce28 grams
1/2 stick1/4 cup4 tablespoons2 ounces57 grams
3/4 stick6 tablespoons2.7 ounces77 grams
1 stick1/2 cup8 tablespoons4 ounces (1/4 pound)113 grams
2 sticks1 cup16 tablespoons8 ounces (1/2 pound)227 grams
4 sticks2 cups32 tablespoons16 ounces (1 pound)454 grams

Vegetable Oil/Shortening (Volume/Weight)

Vegetable Oil1/4 cup1-3/4 ounce50 grams
 1/2 cup3-1/2 ounces99 grams
 1 cup7 ounces198 grams
Vegetable Shortening1/4 cup1-5/8 ounces46 grams
 1/3 cup2-1/8 ounces60 grams
 1/2 cup3-1/4 ounces92 grams
 3/4 cup4-7/8 ounces138 grams
 1 cup6-1/2 ounces184 grams

Sugar (Volume/Weight)

Coconut sugar1 cup8 ounces227 grams
Confectioners’ Sugar1 cup4 ounces113 grams
Brown sugar, light (packed)1 cup7-1/2 ounces213 grams
Brown sugar, dark (packed)1 cup7-1/2 ounces213 grams
Demerara sugar1 cup7-3/4 ounces220 grams
Granulated sugar1 cup7 ounces198 grams
Maple sugar1 cup5-1/2 ounces156 grams
Sugar Substitute, Splenda1 cup5 ounces142 grams

Eggs (Volume)

The volume of a large egg is approximately 3 tablespoons. The yolk represents about 30% of the volume the egg (or 1 tablespoon), and egg whites (the albumen or glair) represent the remaining 60% (or 2 tablespoons).

U.S. CustomaryEggs
1 tablespoon1 (large) egg yolk
2 tablespoons1 (large) egg white
3 tablespoons1 (large) egg
1 cup (using whole eggs)4-5 (large) eggs
1 cup (using egg yolks)7-8 (large) eggs
1 cup (using egg whites)12-13 (large) eggs

Eggs (Weight)

Jumbo2.5 ounces70.9 grams
Very Large/Extra Large2.25 ounces63.8 grams
Large2 ounces56.7 grams
Large (egg yolk only)1/2 ounce18 grams
Large (egg white only)1-1/4 ounce30 grams
Medium1-3/4 ounce49.6 grams
Small1-1/2 ounce42.5 grams
Peewee1-1/4 ounces35.4 grams

Flour (Weight)

All-Purpose Flour (unbleached)1 cup4-1/4 ounces120 grams
Almond Flour1 cup3-3/8 ounces96 grams
Bread Flour1 cup4-1/4 ounces120 grams
Buckwheat Flour1 cup4-1/4 ounces120 grams
Chickpea Flour1 cup3 ounces85 grams
Cake Flour (unbleached)1 cup4-1/4 ounces120 grams
Oat Flour1 cup3-1/4 ounces92 grams
Pastry Flour (unbleached)1 cup3-3/4 ounces106 grams
Potato Flour1 cup6-1/2 ounces184 grams
Self-rising Flour1 cup4 ounces113 grams
Semolina Flour1 cup5-3/4 ounces163 grams
Whole Wheat Flour1 cup4 ounces113 grams
White Whole Wheat Flour1 cup4 ounces113 grams

Baking Powder/ Baking Soda (Weight)

Baking Powder1/2 teaspoon2 grams
 1 teaspoon4 grams
Baking Soda1/2 teaspoon3 grams
 1 teaspoon6 grams