Frequently Asked Questions


Can I make a recipe full screen?

Yes you can! Click on the full screen icon underneath the recipe header (the last icon to the right of the printer icon with four arrows). This will simplify and enlarge the recipe to make checking off the ingredients and following the directions much easier. Timers are still available in this mode of course. Click the X the upper right corner to resume normal recipe viewing.

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How do I use a recipe timer?

Many of ForkingSpoon recipes have convenient cooking timers available for users throughout a recipe’s directions (not all recipes require timers). Simply click the clock icon with a time range to the right and a timer will appear at the bottom of the page. If you start multiple timers, they will appear smaller and stacked at the bottom right of the page. Timers can be stopped and started as needed and generally are set to the longest time in the provided range (a timer for 5-7 minutes will set a 7-minute timer).

Star a recipe timer

How do I print a recipe?

Printing just the recipe
You can print a ForkingSpoon recipe simply by clicking on the print icon (underneath the recipe header) which will take you to a print customization page. Here, you will be able to use checkboxes to personalize your printing preferences. You can show or hide the recipe title, information, excerpt, images, ingredients, directions and nutrition (if present).

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Printing the entire recipe page
If the will vary slightly depending on the browser and operating system you are using. The universally supported keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+P(PC) or Cmd+P (Mac) will bring up the print dialog box where you can select your printer or the option to save the recipe as a PDF.

Printing from Mobile
Older mobile devices might not natively support printing but newer devices most likely will. Follow these instructions for your device: Apple / Android / Windows.

Can I use pictures from your website?

We love when people share our work! You are welcome to use one (1) photo per recipe on the condition that you 1) prominently link back to our recipe and 2) use only our original photos (images that are credited to ForkingSpoon). We also ask that you don’t also post our recipe with our picture. For more information, here is our full photo and recipe sharing policy.

Why didn’t my recipe turn out like yours?

Unfortunately, this happens sometimes. Believe me, we know how frustrating and disappointing a failed recipe can be. Nobody enjoys wasting their time, money and effort on a failed recipe.

To make matters worse, it can be difficult to troubleshoot a recipe that’s gone awry unless the cause is readily apparent, like say, oh I don’t know, setting a tray of pitas on fire because you forgot that pitas get puffy in the oven. That regrettable incident was due to carelessness of course, but there are numerous factors that influence the outcome of a recipe: variations and inconsistencies in ingredients, substitutions, measurement precision, kitchen temperature, appliance calibration, cooking temperatures, altitude, humidity…well, let’s just say there’s a lot of things that can go wrong. It’s the reason we invest so much time and energy developing solid recipes that we hope will bring our readers success and joy in their cooking.

But there are just too many variables to warranty the successful outcome of every recipe for everyone who attempts to recreate our results in their kitchen.Readers who use the recipes on ForkingSpoon do so at their own discretion and risk. For more information, read our full recipe and nutrition disclaimer .

That said, ForkingSpoon welcomes your feedback. If you think we’ve made an error or if you have a suggestion for an improvement to one of our recipes, please let us know through our contact form. After all, we want to be better cooks too.

Is it possible to change the default serving size?

Yes, you can adjust the recipe serving sizes by selecting the dropdown under Yields (located to the top left directly under the recipe header). Change the serving size to quarter, half, double or triple the default recipe amounts.

Calculate a different serving size


What is your privacy policy?

We respect your right to privacy. You can find a link to our US privacy policy from the cookie consent pop-up, the footer and any page in our policy area.

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Do you use cookies?

Yes we do. Many of our cookies are functional cookies used to enhance and customize your experience on ForkingSpoon. Some cookies, like Google Analytics, are used to track user behavior to give us an idea of how our website is performing and ascertain what actions we need to take to improve. We also use cookies to track affiliate links and advertisements so that we can collect a small commission on views and purchases and keep the lights on.

You have the right to opt out of using cookies on our website and we provide you the means to do so when you first load a page with a small consent box. If you change your mind about granting permission, simply click the settings tab in the lower left corner of the website to revoke your consent (via the Do Not Sell My personal Information page or the Cookie Policy (EU) page depending on your country of origin). We also honor your Do Not Track browser settings. Some features of the website might not work as expected if cookies are disabled.