LotusGrill smokeless barbecue grill

LotusGrill – reinventing the charcoal grill

The LotusGrilll is a smokeless charcoal barbecue grill that combines the latest in technology with award-winning design. Not only is this innovative grill a portable, smokeless wonder, it’s also ready to cook in less than five minutes — not the 30 to 45 minutes a typical charcoal barbecue grill would take.

In a new approach to a very old technique, the LotusGrill uses a modern version of the bellows method. Two AA batteries power a variable speed fan that forces superheated air to circulate through burning charcoal in a stainless steel bowl. This cooking process burns very hot and clean, is very safe and results in a nice even heat distribution. Despite the increased heat efficiency, the grill is safe to touch and uses 90% less charcoal then conventional barbecue grills.

If you’re thinking about getting a charcoal grill for your backyard or need a portable barbecue for grilling on the beach, these colorful and eye-catching grills may be just what you need to cook in style. Need something bigger? The LotusGrill XL is extra hot and extra large, and can even be fitted with a pizza stone!

Check out the ultimate in portable smokeless grills for yourself in the video below. You can also watch a video review of the LotusGrill from YouTube channel.