Ninja Sriracha Master

Jolene Collins and JoJo’s Sriracha in Brooklyn is redefining the everyday supermarket version of Sriracha with her own custom artisan blend of the sauce that she says unlocks the hidden potential of Sriracha. She’s turned more than few heads with her spicy twist on a favorite but she had me at “Give a fuck.” I’m sure she’s taken some shots for that candid moment in the video since this was originally posted but three words have rarely been so inspiring. If you’re quick, you might be able to get some of her coveted Sriracha on her Etsy shop.

Quick aside: Liza de Guia (@SkeeterNYC) from is doing a truly outstanding job on her website showcasing the brilliant and passionate people, like Jolene, who are changing how we think about food and anyone who enjoyed this video or is read this description should go there now and check it out.

Look for Jolene in “Sriracha: The Movie!”.