Photo and recipe sharing policy

This document was last evaluated and changed on Jun 28, 2019.

Sharing Photos

We love when people share our work! You are welcome to use one (1) photo per recipe on the condition that you 1) prominently link back to our recipe and 2) use only our original photos (images that are credited to ForkingSpoon). We occasionally make use of stock art on our website for non-recipe posts and using unlicensed stock art in your posts could lead to legal action by the copyright holders. If you’d like to use more than one photo or would like to use a photo(s) to promote another project, please contact us for permission. Please do not repost our recipe with our picture.


Additionally, we commonly have multiple unposted pictures for recipes so if you would like to use a larger, alternative or cropped image, we’ll be more than happy to see what we can do. We appreciate your interest and think that finding the best possible image is in everybody’s best interest.

Blogger list

Writers that cover food often maintain lists of food bloggers that have given their permission to use their photos for ongoing, periodic content (roundups, slideshows, etc.). If you’re interested in joining our list or having us join your list, just contact us, we’re in!

Sharing Recipes

We do not allow the republishing of our recipes (or any article or review) without explicit permission. We work hard on recipes and other content and want our recipes, articles and reviews to remain exclusive to our website.

That said, we do understand that nearly all recipes are adapted or inspired by other recipes in some way and we do our best to credit those cooks in our posts. If you found something on our site useful and feel like linking back to us — fantastic! Give us a shout out, and we’ll be happy to return the favor.

Work With Us

We’ve have nearly 35 years experience working with high-profile websites and private clients in our day jobs as a writer/editor and graphic designer. As a couple obsessed with food, partnering with the brands we love on product reviews, giveaways, sponsored posts and new recipes is a big part of the reason we created ForkingSpoon. With thousands of articles under our belts, we know that we can help you create compelling content on our website or yours. If you think we might be a good fit for your brand please contact us at [eeb_email email=”” display=””].

Guest Posts

If you’re interested in working together on a good, old-fashioned guest post, we’d love to do that as well. Collaborating with our friends in the food blogging community is always a thrill. Your collective creativity, dedication, skill and enthusiasm is humbling and inspiring.


Thank you for your interest. At the moment, we’re pretty committed to keeping our content exclusive to ForkingSpoon but we’ll periodically re-evaluate the needs of our site, so that could change.