Sriracha: The Movie!

Sriracha, the hot pepper sauce (or rooster sauce as it is sometimes called, due to the now iconic rooster printed on the label) has a deeply devoted, almost fanatical fan base. Made by Huy Fong Foods in Irwindale, California, this amazingly popular condiment has inspired countless t-shirts, unisex onesies, dog hoodies and underwear with off-color slogans. It can even be found in candy canes and lip balm. Yes, lip balm.

Now Sriracha sauce has inspired yet another devotee, this time director Griffin Hammond. In “Sriracha: The movie!“, Hammond pays tribute to Sriracha in a fast-paced documentary that finally solves a mystery that spans the globe — where exactly did Sriracha come from? With unprecedented access to Huy Fong Foods factory, Hammond promises to reveal the origin of this coveted sauce — and the man behind the sauce in his latest indie film. “Sriracha: The Movie!” is only $5 to stream and download (HD/DRM-free). Or if you’re an Amazon Prime member, check it out for free. Awesome Sauce.

Note: As it happens, Hammond is no stranger to food documentaries — he also has a previous film with none other than William Shatner reenacting (in his own inimitable way) his close call with turkey frying. Watch “Eat, Fry, Love — A Turkey Frying Cautionary Tale“. Go for the turkey frying safety tips, stay for Shatner and the bad CGI.

Another mystery solved: How do you actually pronounce Sriracha correctly?

Griffin Hammond has posted his movie with full commentary at YouTube (watch above). Of course, you can still catch it in it’s original release form with your Amazon Prime subscription or on or Vimeo for $3.