Vacuvita One Touch vacuum storage system

VacuVita: An Automated, Sustainable (and Beautiful) Kitchen System

According to the VacuVita website “an average household wastes 1,300 pounds of food a year costing them over $1,500” which means — on average — you’re throwing out around 27 pounds of food per month. Crazy, right?

Enter the VacuVita, a colorful “fully-automated and sustainable” vacuum storage device that they claim should be in every modern kitchen, right next to your refrigerator. With it, you can store fresh food — and in easy reach — for up to 5 times longer, saving food and money in style. For longer term storage, they also sell colorful reusable vacuum containers called “Coveros” (in addition to vacuum bags) which will work with the VacuVita.

The VacuVita is still in the crowd funding stage but is in the intial stages of production, thanks to a highly successful initial campaign at indiegogo. In fact, the response was so great that they had to initiate additional funding rounds to meet increased production demands.These second rounds of fundraising will end when they complete and ship VacuVitas from the first round.

I suspect that most, if not all, vacuum devices, share the fate of food dehydrators and fondue sets – dusty and forgotten in the back of bottom cabinets. VacuVita is poised to change this with what appears to be an innovative and impressive piece of technology for your kitchen. Watch the video below for more information on how their system works.

VacuVita has is now offering early adopters preorders (and significant discounts) on a first come first serve basis. reserve yours today at the VacuVita website.